Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In Case You Didn't Know...I'm Famous!

For all those skeptics out there...
While a bit hard to read, I'm finally showing up on google! Not only am I able to find it but I'm getting multiple texts/e-mails from people saying they've tried it. Check out the last link on the picture. Guess you just have to know what to google! I would also like to point out that a lot of dogs must have been chowing down on some cornmeal between December and now! Because when I googled "My dog ate 4 boxes of Jiffy, WTH do I do now?!" nothing came up!
A big thanks goes out to Brutus for loving Jiffy Cornbread Mix, on top of managing to expand your stomach to elephant size proportion. That takes talent, buddy! Without your love for eating random items in my house, my existence in the blogging world wouldn't have been possible! I however, would still be able to eat said cornbread. Is it strange that I walk by the section of the supermarket aisle and cringe? Man I loved was a weekly staple at Two Dogs & A House. I just can't get over seeing what came out of him!
Gross, right?! Hopefully I haven't ruined cornbread for everyone reading this!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Dog Isn't Alone...

On a daily basis, I check out my page views to see how many people are actually reading this thing. It really surprises me sometimes! Anyway, one of the options is to see how people were referred to my blog posts. More often than not, it comes from my facebook posts. However, this morning, someone found me via google. And the search words were none other than...are you ready for this?

It's nice to see that Brutus isn't the only dog, who can get into random groceries when my back is turned! For those of you who are new to the blog, check out this post! Brutus chowing down on Jiffy cornmeal was the entire reason behind starting this blog. Seeing those words pop up in my analytics cracked me up this morning!
Sending well wishes to whomever's dog will be feeling a little uncomfortable for the next few days. Just know that spooning and burping are the best medicine!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Guess Who's Back...

Hi, I'm Alana...remember me? You may have seen me blogging here on a fairly regular basis. Well at least I was, until...
1. I started focusing on working out and eating healthy, to win a biggest loser challenge! This requires grocery store visits and planning instead of drive-thru windows and playing ennie meenie miney moe with the menu.
2. Decided to plan a surprise party for a best friend, way more work than what I expected! But she was surprised! I think her exact words were "WHAT IS THIS?!" haha
3. Got back into reading.
4. Two dogs needing yearly vet visits.
5. Got saddled with an 83 lb dog with Allergies! Whatever treatment way I go, none of them are cheap or quick.
6. Got saddled with an 83 lb dog with Allergies and a tiny super-sized dose of fear aggression towards the Vet, which required two vet visits, a muzzle and a tranquilizer which didn't work until I arrived home from the Vet...but that's another story in itself.
7. Started training for a half marathon. Regardless of starting out at the rock bottom and only running 10 miles a week or so, it still takes a heck of a lot of time out of your schedule.
8. Experienced/ing a shaky atmosphere at work.
9. Painting, picking up dog poop outside (glamorous I know), cleaning, shopping for the house, and general home up-keep. It's been going on, I just haven't had the time nor energy to blog about it.
10. Worked on my general awesomeness*.
*Disclaimer - We all know this one is a lie, however who can leave a list with only 9 topics...obviously not me! Maybe no one will read this, since the font is so small and italicized...better yet I should have written this in wingdings.

Well, I think that just about brings you up to speed. There have been a million times I've wanted to jump on the computer and overshare about my ordinary shenanigans, but my 83 lb dog threatened to show a little fear aggression my way if I blogged about his embarrassing (read terrifying...for the vet at least) couple of visits. That's my story and I'm sticking with it...

I appreciate the notes on facebook, emails and texts from everyone that enjoys the blog. It was awesome to see that people actually noticed that I stopped blogging and requested I start again.

That being said, let the oversharing begin again!

I'll leave you with this teaser, more to come on this picture later. When Brutus isn't reading of course. :)