The Stars of This Place

Weighing in at over 100 lbs of fur, meet the Stars of Two Dogs & A House, Brutus and Annie.

Nicknames: Bru, Rufus, BAD DOG
Weight: 83
Breed: Great Pyrenees, Lab
Tricks: Sit, Down, Stay, Shake, High-Five, Speak, and of course Hugs!
Worst Habit: Eating things he shouldn't

Brutus was saved from a high-kill shelter, in Adair County, Kentucky. I adopted him as a puppy in February of 2008. This dog was the exact opposite of everything I was looking for in a companion, but somehow has been absolutely perfect for me. I like to tell people that he has the worst characteristics of both breeds. The Great Pyrenees in him makes him extremely protective of me, sometimes to the point of a mild aggressive. He guards our front and backyard better than any security system could. He has a massive amount of hair that has a constant shedding cycle. Most dogs go through two coats a year, Great Pyrenees constantly shed! He is however lacking in the lazy demeanor of this giant breed. That characteristic he picks up from the Lab side! I have never seen a dog, who wants to play and run more than Brutus. Playing fetch, meeting new people, chasing his sister around the house...the energy never stops! As much as I joke, I wouldn't know what to do without this big guy.

Nicknames: Nanners, Annabelle, Little Girl
Weight: 28 lbs
Breed: Basset, Lab (purely guessing here!)
Tricks: Sit, Stay and Looking Cute
Worst Habit: Crying every time someone leaves her side

Annie was the second dog I adopted. She came from a no-kill shelter in Nicholasville, KY. Annie was a 4 months old when I picked her up in July of 2008. Someone had turned her in after she had gone through her cutest puppy months. Still to this day I don't understand it. This dog is the best behaving dog I have ever seen in my life. She is content to lay by your side or just watch you walk around the house, not much excites her. I've never worked with Annie regarding off leash training. However, after escaping from the front door I found out that this ability comes naturally to her. Annie was born to please, a disapproving look and she immediately runs back in my direction, that is if there isn't a squirrel or deer in the neighborhood she can track down. Going to the dog park with Annie always brings funny looks from other dog owners, they all want to play name that breed! With her ability to sniff and track animals I assume she is part basset and her face looks too much like a lab to not be mixed with that somehow. Regardless of what she is, Annie made a great addition to Brutus and myself.