Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In Case You Didn't Know...I'm Famous!

For all those skeptics out there...
While a bit hard to read, I'm finally showing up on google! Not only am I able to find it but I'm getting multiple texts/e-mails from people saying they've tried it. Check out the last link on the picture. Guess you just have to know what to google! I would also like to point out that a lot of dogs must have been chowing down on some cornmeal between December and now! Because when I googled "My dog ate 4 boxes of Jiffy, WTH do I do now?!" nothing came up!
A big thanks goes out to Brutus for loving Jiffy Cornbread Mix, on top of managing to expand your stomach to elephant size proportion. That takes talent, buddy! Without your love for eating random items in my house, my existence in the blogging world wouldn't have been possible! I however, would still be able to eat said cornbread. Is it strange that I walk by the section of the supermarket aisle and cringe? Man I loved was a weekly staple at Two Dogs & A House. I just can't get over seeing what came out of him!
Gross, right?! Hopefully I haven't ruined cornbread for everyone reading this!


  1. You all are cracking me up! 8 people have literally searched and found my blog via some version of "my dog ate cornmeal"!

  2. Badass!! You are a celebrity and icon to the blogging world, Alana!!! Kudos for your goggle search and for the skeptics, it does exist!!!

    Two Dogs & A House: Cornmeal Expands with WaterDec 3, 2010 ... Well I wonder how fast Brutus was eating the cornmeal, when he barely left any of the cardboard box. "HOLY EXPLETIVE!!!!" My dog ate 4 boxes ... - Cached