Monday, January 31, 2011

McDonald's Arches...New to Thompson Ave!

Along with the carpet removal, I was able with the help of my AWESOME MOTHER!!! Wait let me make that a little bigger, AWESOME MOTHER...That's much better (gotta keep my help happy)!

I was able to tackle yet another painting project. Someone at work commented that I should have all of the rooms in my house painted with as many weekends as I've spent painting! If only that was the case. Painting takes time, patience and a steady hand at least to trim around the baseboards and ceilings, etc. While I could have all the time in the world, my ability to paint around trim looks like I tried to reenact a fist-pumping Jersey Shore member, beating the beat up with a brush in my hand! So fortunately my Mom doesn't mind to come over every once in awhile every weekend paint brush in hand! A paint brush, might I add, that isn't even allowed to stay at my house for fear that dog hair will swarm it, it will get lost in the mess of my house, etc. Please reference pictures below...

This weekend it was the hallway leading from my kitchen to my basement which includes a small pantry. I started out trip one to Home Depot looking for a light orange, a color called Refreshing Mimosa. It was light, but still bright enough to keep up with my purple walls in my dining room. Now, let's pause here for a moment. For all of you non-drinkers out there, a Mimosa includes Orange Juice and Champagne. So wouldn't that lead you to think the color was a shade of orange?!
Refreshing Mimosa...

Like everything else, Glidden sells, the color above is not true to the paint swatch. Imagine a little warmer orange. After being satisfied with the paint swatch, I picked up a gallon of Refreshing Mimosa to roll on the pantry and hallway walls.

Lots of Screws to Remove...
It was about midway through these shelves, I realized I need to buy a drill! Or at least an electric screw driver, holy crap that was a lot of work! The hallway was a tan color before that extended to the ceiling. The picture below shows it painted with the tinted ceiling paint. That later dried white.

Before of the Hallway

And here comes the interesting part....HellllllOOoooOOoo Ronald McDonald! I'll have a double cheeseburger, fries and a large sweet tea!

That Isn't Just the Lighting Folks!

And Yes...It Looks the Same on the Wall!!!!!
I mean I wanted to be "refreshed" but it looks like someone put a little lemon-aid in my Mimosa!! Eek! This folks is when I found out that Glidden's paint samples, do not match their actual paint. What the heck is the point of having a paint sample to take home and hold up, if it isn't going to match? Thankfully, I had my awesome mother with me to be the "b", her words not mine.
After a second trip to Home Depot, and 45 minutes of arguing with "Kate" behind the paint counter, we were able to succesfully return my lemon-aid Mimosa paint. With the added knowledge that paint swatches of Glidden have a disclaimer behind them that the swatches don't match the actual paint I was thrown for a loop and decided to sleep on the decision of what color to paint my now McDonald's inspired hallway.
The next morning I headed back to Home Depot for trip #38203948023984, or trip#3. I decided to totally switch directions after waking up craving a cheeseburger! I picked up a few samples and tried them out then sent a few pictures around to friends and family and begged my mother to come over yet again so I could avoid the fist pumping action on my ceiling and baseboards!! Thanks Mom.

The Color I Ended Up With...Deep Aqua

Trying to Decide Between Two Blues...

Look Mom...Your Famous!

First Coat is Done!

Looking Down The Stairs...I Love It!

Brutus However, Isn't Sure...
Or There is a Window and My Neighbor is Outside :)
Finally 4 trips to Home Depot later I have a painted hallway, pantry, and some brand new, yet extremely ridicilous, Glidden paint knowledge! What do you think?!

Better Be B-Dry...

Before I even started this project, I have had their catchy tune in my head! You know the one… Water, water, everywhere, it leaks into the ground…something about your basement being wet? …then the unforgettable chorus, better be b-dry, before it hits the ground, b-dry…Okay so maybe it isn’t so unforgettable because I can’t remember the words. However, what I do remember is stuck.

Anyway, my basement is pretty water tight, or so it seems for the most part. Other than an old coal storage room that looks like it may have had some previous water damage. I started this project right after Christmas, scrubbing the walls down with bleach and making sure the mold was gone from the walls.

Check Out the Gross Mold...

Gearing Up!

After The Mold Scrub Down...But Before of the Gross Carpet!

Eventually, I'll need to strip the paint off of the walls to paint a concrete sealer. However, with that room being in the basement and having no insulation or air vent, I'll be waiting till we have a warm sunny day that I can spend indoors stripping paint for 8 hours! I know, right? My exciting life, with an ask this old house style home!

I decided I would start on a quick project that could be finished in a short enough time that I wouldn't freeze to death. Ripping up the nasty, water damaged and pet stained carpet, Gross! A box cutter and a little elbow grease and the smell is gone from this tiny storage room! Like the walls, the paint on the floor will have to be stripped...eventually! Let's not get ahead of ourselves!

After The Gross Carpet Was Removed!

I'm trying to decide on a floor covering after I get this room looking ship-shape. Ceramic tile is a no-go, considering the poured slab of my basement is pretty uneven and the tile would crack. I guess with 84 years, the house has shifted a little. I'm leaning towards doing a decorative stain on the floor and then throwing an area rug down to keep from walking on freezing concrete when I have to go in the room. That is...if I can convinve my Brother to show me his expert knowledge of concrete staining. I'm hoping for a nice Block-O design like the pic below! What do you guys think?


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why I LOVE My Dogs! (Graphic)

SO...Being as this blog is supposed to focus on my joys of dog and home ownership (read trials and tribulations) I figure I shouldn't hold out such awesome material from my 1 or 2 readers...probably my Mother and Brother. Hey Guys! :)

I have to say I love mornings that start out like wake up all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, turn on some tunes and hop in the shower. Only to find when you walk in your room, your sweet angel (devil) dogs have gotten sick ON YOUR BED!!!!

Annie may look sweet and innocent but that dog is capable of some major damage, please reference overly gross picture. I guess I can't fault looks like she tried to make it over the bed and well, unfortunately, JUST MISSED!

I immediately grab my sheets off of my bed when I discover there is more puke right in the center (I'll spare you, only one picture)!!!! Jesus, Mary, Joseph...Annie you weigh 20 lbs how can you produce so much grossness! Guess who is not allowed on the bed anymore?! Yeah that's right...Brutus! I'm sure somehow this was his fault! haha

Anyone have any tips for keeping the furkids off of my bed while I'm out of the room? So this doesn't happen again?


I have to say, if there is a sunny-side to this overly nasty situation it is this: my dogs have taught me extreme amounts of patience! No longer do I get upset at traffic, long lines at amusement parks or annoying people in malls or grocery stores. In this situation, the only thing you can do is laugh...and of course take a picture, right? I know, gross...but that's how I roll!


I never knew a sound could be so annoying! My upstairs bathroom faucet went from barely dripping after being shut off, to a pretty steady stream. After doing a bit of googling, I discovered what I thought was the problem and decided I could no longer take the noise from the constant...drip...drip...drip coming out of my bathroom.

After removing the decorative handle, I inspected all of the washers that everyone told me would be the issue as well as every google link I could find. However, just like every other case of home improvement I've conquered (failed) so far, my 84 year old house decided to throw me for a loop. The washers looked brand new, there was no wear and tear visible or gross buildup. So cartridge stem in hand I head off to my second home, Home Depot. They should hook me up with as much as I plug them...

The Faucet Without the Decorative Handle
(Don't Pay Attn to my Need to Clean)

Perfectly in-tact and Beautiful Washer

Other Than Some Rust...It Looked Fine to Me!

After speaking with a very knowledgeable guy in plumbing, I discovered that my house had screwed me, like always! I was correct in my belief that the washers were perfectly fine, however, this meant I needed an entire new ceramic cartridge. Knowledgeable guy then told me that Home Depot didn't stock the cartridge I needed and told me to go to a specialized plumbing retailer that ironically was not open on Sunday. BoooOOooooooOO!

So Yesterday I stopped by my local plumbing store and spent the best $11.16 I have ever spent in my entire life. After a few turns of a wrench and phillips head screwdriver, my sink is back in business minus the drip...drip...drip! My first 100% fix by myself!

Now, if I could only figure out how to tile my bathroom, re-do my entire shower plumbing, refinish my hardwood floors...the list is never ending!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What I've Been Up To...

It’s been awhile…so since pictures speak a thousand words, I’ll let them do the talking!

Since I’ve last updated I.... hosted a New Years Eve Party at my house. New and old friends came over to visit for a few hours before we went to watch the ball drop at a bar downtown. Aleesha even showed up in sweats and feeling horribly just to say hi.
My purple walls in my dining room turn out to be an amazing background for pictures, I love it!

All of the Girls...

My Hot Date...

Our Horrible Expressions...From the Stranger Pouring His Drink Down Our Backs!

Needless to say, we didn't stay at the bar long. When midnight hit, we ran out of there like Cinderella at the Royal Ball! Note to self, When people start making plans for New Years Eve, please offer up your house to avoid the following: bar brawls, spilled drinks down dry clean only dress, all forms of d-bagness, long lines for you really need more than that?

Once we got back to the house we played some version of charades, where everyone had to list famous people. Safe to say, we all had a blast sitting around my living room shouting out famous people! Which apparently doesn't include Jim Tressel, Ted Ginn, Maurice Wells, or Chris Gamble...aka all of my picks. For those of you non-Ohio State lovers, they are all past players and the sweater-vest wearing coach. Other than myself not being allowed to pick famous people ever again, (ruled by everyone in the room) the game and the time after the bar was hilarious!!

A few weeks later I celebrated my 26th Birthday with some friends. We tried out the new piano bar in Cincinnati, which was much different than our go to bar in Lexington. I had a great time with everyone, but Ms. Shuey gets an extra special shoutout for hanging out on the dance floor with me all night long!

Demonstrating my Awesome Dance Moves!

The Crew, Crammed on a Couch...

(say that 5 times fast!)

Justin's Way of Saying Goodbye?

My Girls...Always a Blast With Them!

Ms. Shuey and J-Grills