Monday, August 29, 2011


Work has been kicking my arse lately and sadly my blog has taken a backseat. I find myself repeating the phrase "Just keep swimming...just keep swimming!" over and over. Working 11-12 hour days have been a refreshing change of pace. It's nice to be needed and truly pushed to my potential for once, but most of all it's nice to feel like I'm ridiculously good at what I do. I feel like I've finally hit my stride with my "career" and enjoy going to work every morning. Downtown has been a challenge, to say the least. Stepping over urine and other bodily fluids has become a daily task. But that's a whole different blog post.

There have been tons of projects going on around here, but it's been mostly exterior stuff. Honestly, until recently I could have cared less about taking care of the actual structure of my house. I mean come on, I've got at least 30 other walls begging for some crayola paint color...who cares if water is slowly leaking, or pouring for that matter into my basement. Well lesson learned here folks (or just Mom, being as I'm sure all my readers have long forgotten me), you can't paint drywall when there is mold growing up the wall!!

Lesson #2 learned...check your basement for leaks, water damage, mold, etc. Or stumble upon this awful scene while pulling your steam cleaner out of the basement storage room, for you guessed it...a mess of Brutus'. Needless to say after finding mold city, on my walls, carpet and ceiling my focus has changed from trying to shock everyone with my wild colors on my walls to making sure my house is structurally sound and as waterproof as possible. Trust me this picture looks a lot more calm than what it really was. And only one section of the room...gross!

I've learned a lot in these last few months, bought my first power tools (I am addicted btw...someone buy me more!!), learned demolition is a great stress reliever and having family and a my one day handy hubby's help is priceless! Well technically it cost me a few gatorades and Chipotle for my brother and Steve (future handy hubby). I'd say I got off easy. Minus the fact that I'll be hearing about the help that my brother and his gun show provided for the rest of my life. I guess after 6 hours or more of busting up concrete and shoveling gravel to roll around in a wheelbarrow up and down hills...I can't complain.

All jokes aside until recently I've been getting less and less sleep...with my house issues, crazy work schedule and trying to maintain some type of social calendar. I've become a fan (addict) of Starbucks (sorry Mom I know that habit ranks up there with smoking and boozing it up) coffee is an amazing thing in the morning and I am hooked!

I've missed having this outlet to share my "bidness" to complete strangers who find my blog because their dog inhaled cornmeal! Thankfully things seem to be calming down...WOOOOOOO!!!!! It was about time! And lucky for you, I'm ready to begin sharing my "bidness" to all of my readers (my mom!) again. I can't promise you anything colorful and exciting, just yet...but I can promise you some entertaining laughs at my expense and maybe some valuable tips in DIY demo and home improvement along the way. Hopefully now that things are mold free (well almost) around here, I'll be able to start working on more fun projects.

So there's an update on what's up around here. Cry me a river, right? Thanks for letting me ramble...can't wait to get back at this! Brutus and Annie send their love your way!

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