Monday, September 5, 2011

You Win Some...You Lose Some

I've been redoing my bathroom recently. More to come on that later...

However, this weekend's project was only supposed to be installing beadboard to the ceiling. I have been checking out the different wooden options and recently came across textured wallpaper that was supposed to resemble the real stuff. After reading several reviews online, I decided to try it out.

After a trip to Lowe's, I settled on the Allen + Roth brand. A roll covers 11 square feet and is about $20. It comes per the reviews it should have been as simple as dunking the paper in water, letting the paper set for 5 mins then smoothing it on the ceiling. All in all, it was that simple, but getting it to cling to the ceiling right away involved another step...screaming and saying a few choice words when the pre-pasted paper wouldn't stick. Try hanging on to something that was wet on one side and the other was covered in a solution the consistency of thinned petroleum jelly. This stuff was sliding all over the place.

Horrible i-Phone picture, but it looks great! IMO...

After 2 pieces were up on the ceiling we decided to take the light fixture down. As always...we found an interesting discovery. Water was pooled in the bottom of the globe and rust, mold and lots of other unwanted goodness. to ikea we went for a new light fixture...hoping of course that the steam from the shower was the cause of all the excess moisture. I had been eying this cool chandelier that worked with the rest of the bathroom. Unfortunately for us, we didn't pay attention to how the chandelier was hanging from the ceiling.

Mold, and Knot and Tube Wiring

While the beadboard looks awesome and at first glance could be mistaken for the real thing...this chandelier hangs way too low, even for our short heights and the S-hook just won't work. So back up goes the old light fixture, until we can find something else. Easier said than done though...the 2 rusted screws on this fixture were the biggest PITA to remove and re-install and I don't mean the pocket-bread variety. We replaced those with two new screws and putting it back up went much smoother.

Whoops...guess we'll be more careful
when picking out a fixture!

In other news...I found out my entire house has knob and tube wiring, which they stopped installing in the 30's. Yeah, my house is old! As long as the k&t was installed properly and wasn't modified to over increase it's load, the wiring is safe. However, knowing how everything else has gone in my house, I'm guessing this will probably need replacing down the road. Alana 1 - Money Pit - 9,781!

I guess you can't win them all...

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  1. These pictures are horrible...sorry guys. It's much easier to snap with an i-phone than to pull out the camera and go that route. It doesn't help that we were doing this with the power out and the light was dim outside. Better luck next time I guess.