Monday, February 7, 2011

Meet Hampton...

I'm still struggling with keeping the dogs off of the furniture. After Brutus' incident, I'm staying strong, no matter how much he begs or gives me the puppy dog eyes. Look at his face? Look how much he wants to get on the couch! And then I remember him peeing out of spite on my floor and I want to roundhouse kick him in the face with my shoe! Is my foot located there on purpose or coincidence? I guess you'll never know. I have to give it up to him for his persistence! When I ignore him at the far end of the couch...he comes CLOSER!!!!

Look How Sad I Look...

Does It Help If I'm This Close?

After dealing with a few days of up close and personal time with Brutus and Annie I decided I needed to find a rug that they could hangout on but still not be all up in my "bidness"! So with Ms. Shuey in toll, I went off to the amazing land of Ikea!! Is that store dangerous for anyone else's wallet, or is it just me? I could spend hours following those arrows around on the floor!

The trip was a lot of fun, I found some kitchen cabinets I'd like to re-do my kitchen with, once I win the lottery or marry for money! Jamie managed to navigate the cart with all of our whos-its and what-its sticking out everywhere. We kept seeming to run into the pathway of an elderly man driving around on his scooter! Never failed, if we were in picture frames, bath, bedding, etc. he was coming right at us! I could get around him fairly easily but sticking James with the cart was pretty comical, for me at least! In hindsight I should have totally taken a picture of this...but you'll have to use your imagination on this one!

We eventually made it down to the basement and I found an amazingly cheap rug for $20.00, but decided to go with a tad more pricey option which fit my decor more. So, I present to you the newest addition to Two Dogs & A House, Hampton! :)

How Hampton Came Packaged...
Flattening This Guy Out Took Some Effort...

Annie & Brutus Are In Love With Him!

I ended up "shopping" my house after the Ikea trip and moving my coffee table back over in front of my couch. We'll see how this goes...The main reason for me relocating it, other than for it to hold my empty fish tank, is because of Brutus' huge tail! It is the exact height of say plates, cups, glasses full of liquid! So smart me, decides to buy a white rug and put the coffee table on top of it so Brutus' tail can knock everything off onto my new 100% spotless, white rug!
IDIOT! I'm guessing this won't last long...but for now, enjoy! My house is looking less college-esque and more home-like everyday. I could probably help with that by not painting wild colors on the wall, but what fun would that be and since when have I had a drab personality to match toned down paint?

Final Result...I Love It!


  1. I would make the assumption that if you didn't put drink/food on your coffee table, it wouldn't be a target for the tail to knock it off.

  2. Well what's the point of having a coffee table then, Mom? :)