Friday, February 4, 2011

The other morning I was woken up by Brutus (read, worst dog in the world) jumping around like a maniac, barking at our next door neighbor’s furkid, Lacy (read, dog that barks at everything including the wind, which causes my dog to bark non-stop, which causes me to want to murder myself as well as Brutus, the worst dog in the world as well as Lacy who is the worst neighbor dog, EVER). Let me also mention that this all happens when my bright-eyed neighbor wakes up at 5 AM or earlier. While I’ve been known to get up at the occasional 5 am for an early morning workout, I by no means feel the need to scream at the top of my lungs to wake up my neighbors or let my dogs bark their heads off so my neighbors want to murder themselves.

Brutus Barking at Lacy...Annie Behaving

Anyway, so here I am lying in bed, at 5 AM, trying to sleep and Brutus is jumping on top of me, trying to jump out my second story window to eat Lacy, the neighbor dog. At this point in time I’m welcoming his need to launch himself out the window, I’m half tempted to open up said window just so I can go back to sleep. Instead, I decide to kick my foot as hard as I can in order to get him to shut up. However, at 5 AM, I have to say my aim is a little off…my foot ended up kicking said window instead of Brutus. How my Jackie Chan kick of my foot didn’t go through the glass, I will never know.

This however, was the last straw! I had caved in letting the dogs on the couch and bed, and decided that after being attacked by my Brut of a dog, this wasn't going to happen anymore. So the next evening I got in bed and instructed my dogs to lay on their mat. Annie, the angel dog, decided to do as she was told. Brutus however, decided to get as close to the bed and stare at me. The lights were off, I threw the comforter over my head but I could feel him looking at me! I turn my back to him and hear him walk away...thinking that he's going to go to his mat.

Brutus Staring Me Down...Annie Behaving

All of a sudden I hear a dripping noise then a full-blown woosh! That stupid dog hiked his leg and decided to show me who's boss! I am convinved that Brutus understands english and was giving me a proper "Screw You, Mom!!"

Brutus Showing Me Who's Boss...Annie Behaving!

Guess who won this battle?!


  1. This story was priceless and the prelude of the previous night set the tone and led the reader on a fun ride to the climax of the blog entry!!! :)

    The details and reactions of both the narrator and stars (furkids) painted a vivid picture that made the audience feel like he or she was actually witnessing the events unfold.

    Even more spectacular than the actual story and write-up were the entertaining illustrations from the author which included both fur kids, said window, bed, hardwood floors, and OSU tee. :)

    Great post and very funny!!!

    Brutus - 1
    Alana - 0

  2. While Isis and I miss you all, I do not miss crazy Bru barking his head off