Thursday, February 17, 2011

Would You Like Some Cheese with That Wine?

I like to imagine what the previous homeowners of my home were thinking when they did shotty repairs, random decorations, etc. I wonder what they would think now that I have started dismantling their previous home and painting my rainbow of bright colors everywhere.

Before I started this blog I got into a few home improvement projects, simply because I couldn't stand to look at the existing eye sore anymore. Or the smell that the previous fur-kids left behind, whom were obviously not set on going outside to use the bathroom! So, the next few posts will travel back in time, before blog land existed to me and I started my oversharing of my overly exciting, everyday life.

That brings us to the most awesome (read tacky) wallpaper ever! Check it out!

HOT! I know, right?!

Here's Another View...

While you're checking out this most awesome wallpaper ever, please don't look at my most awesome cabinets ever. Second only, to of course...the wallpaper. Or those snazzy curtains, left behind by the previous owners! Side note - when drafting a contract for purchasing a home, things get pretty specific, as in leave the 20 year old stove and snazzy curtains! I however did not request for all of the window treatments to stay...however, lucky me!! I was gifted all of them! Oh yeah, plaid, lace and yellowed blinds, the works! Awesome!

I'd also like to take this moment to point out my beautiful ceiling fan, also left behind by the previous owners. Don't let the fan fool you, it may look like it blends in, even camouflages itself with the white ceiling...unfortunately it's an every day yellowing even more cream. Gross!

If there was anything I had the ability to easily snap my fingers and change in my house, without any change in my bank account, or disruption to my everyday life it would be to have my kitchen completely remodeled. New cabinets, new appliances, new overhead lighting and yes even new curtains! I digress...

Believe it or not, I had a couple of people who walked in and loved my wine wallpaper and plaid curtains. Wowza! This wallpaper made me cringe every single time I walked into my kitchen, so it ended up being my first home improvement project!

After reading a few blogs online, I was confident that I could remove the wallpaper without screwing something up. Off to my trusty Home Depot, I grabbed a paper scrapper that I had seen on the blogs but opted to not buy the $20 tool that pokes holes all in the wallpaper and essentially helps the gel removal product (which I also purchased) soak into the wallpaper.

Let me tell you, BUY THE $20 TOOL! It will be well worth it! My rationale for not buying the incredibly important tool was that I had only a tiny amount of wallpaper in my house. I could figure something out to do without. Well I did. It's called lots of wasted time and effort. This wallpaper had to be pulled off layer by layer and I went through almost an entire bottle of removal gel!

Paper Scrapper

Glue Removal Gel

$20 Tool YOU MUST BUY!

All in all, things turned out pretty good. Here's a picture mid way through. See what I mean about layer by layer?

No More Wine!!!!
Unfortunately after all was said and done, I didn't snap a picture of the final result. I'll be sure to add one to this post down the road, when I remember to snap a picture of the fresh and clean wall! Not bad for my first home improvement project, huh?

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  1. That's the thing about home decor--one family's plaid wallpaper is another's eyesore. I'm with you...I would have ditched that too. Glad the hard part is over and now you can do the fun part--painting!