Thursday, December 23, 2010

TD&AH First Renovation

Merry Early Christmas to Me! Recently my garage door (like everything else in my house) decided to break in some fashion or another. Which then resulted in my parents and I trying to fix it. Which in turn, resulted in a resolved problem...calling a repair man because we made an even bigger problem! Our knowledge of this 84 year old home and it's unique characteristics (as always, read problems) are slim to none. It's a shame my brother the engineer, who has basically flipped his house doesn't live closer.

A big thanks goes out to Mom and Dad for getting up on their day off to hangout with A&E door, while I'm still at work.

My Parents On Vacation...

Sure they are having just as much fun, watching the install!

I left my house this morning with a broken garage door and I will return with a brand new door, tracks and springs! Woo Hoo!!!

While I love and appreciate my parents...I don't have the same love and appreciation for my Mother's new ability to text. So far this morning I have received these two texts:

"Where is a lighter to lite 2ndle"...
And..."Thfy r here."

From this I gather that Mom is not satisfied with the smell of my house...that A&E door finally showed up and most importantly that she got into my cabinet hutch full of booze.

I'll post pictures of my new door soon!


  1. Funny! I know all about "txn moms"! It gets better and worse at the same time!

  2. This post is hilarious. Gotta love texting parents. Kudos at translating.