Monday, December 27, 2010

Wet Paint...

Give me a few days off of work and as long as Home Depot is open, I will tackle a home improvement project. My day after Christmas was not spent hanging with my family, or finding great steals and deals out shopping (although I heard Target had some cool ornaments on sale...thanks for the temptation Liz) but I spent it painting my entire basement! Thankfully I had my friend Mollie around to help with the entire project!

After a quick run to HD we began the never ending process of painting my full basement. For whatever reason when my basement was finished they broke it up into lots of little cubby areas. Which made for lots of corners and lots of trimming. The paint will definitely need a second coat, but I think it turned out great!

Before of the Main Basement Area


A Better Shot of the Color

Midway of the Half-Bath

After the Half-Bath

Here's a View With Both Colors

The dogs (with the help of a baby gate or two) surprisingly stayed out of the way...for the most part. That is until we left for a dinner break and put them in my spare bedroom. I didn't want Brutus using his tail for a paint brush so I made a bad decision. I knew this was a bad decision from the start, but after painting from noon to right around 6, I was ready for some food and to be holding a fork instead of a paintbrush! This is the mess I came back to...

Way to Go Dogs!!

All is well that ends well though, right? I have a freshly painted basement...if my biggest casualty is a shredded book, I'll take it!

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