Monday, December 20, 2010

TD&AH…Soon to be Zoo!!

I got some great news over the weekend. One of my best friends Mollie, is going to be relocating from Lexington, KY to share my home with myself and my furkids, in Ft. Mitchell! Along with her…dun, dun, dunnnnnnn…she’s bringing her two cats, fish, (one could hope, right?) DOGS!!! Yes that was plural! Two Dogs & A House, will now be Four Dogs & A House!

I know what you’re thinking… "Holy crap that’s a lot of dogs!” Well guess what? SO AM I! Ft. Mitchell’s Newest Attraction: Petting Zoo! The next few weeks I will be ridding out and dog-proofing my house for the Zoo’s arrival. Trying to figure out the logistics of where everyone’s animals will be staying as well as where all of Mollie’s stuff will be going, is going to be a bit of a headache.

My two bedroom one and a half bath, thankfully with a finished basement will now be home to myself, Brutus, Annie, Mollie, Dexter and Maddie! I’m counting my blessings that Dexter and Mattie combined, weigh less than my smallest furkid. Dexter is 13 or so pounds and Mattie is a whopping 5 pounds.

Meet Dexter - All Dressed Up For Christmas!

Meet Maddi & Mollie!

All together my home will have 136 pounds (give or take a few meaty bones) of furkids! I used to tell a friend that I wanted to live on a farm so I could have a barn full of dogs. If you forget the farm and barn part, I’m well on my way!

As big of a challenge as it will be to have 4 dogs in one home, I really am happy to have Mollie moving in. This girl has a love for painting and decorating and my new home could use both. Mollie has awesome taste and I can’t wait to get started on some home renovation projects with her! It will also be nice to have a built in dog sitter for both of our parts when we want to take a little vaca from our hectic Zoo home. Staying late for work or wanting to go to the gym right after work will no longer be an issue, with another hand to help care for my furkids.

So despite my jokes – I cannot wait to have all of my new residents! I’m sure 90lb Brutus can’t wait to get his hands on his 5lb girlfriend. WOW! That sounded creepy! He just likes to chase her around and sniff, I promise it’s PG. And one last blessing to be thankful for…all animals have been responsibly altered so there will be no Maltese/Great Pyrenees puppies running around anytime soon! Bob Barker would approve!! :)

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