Thursday, January 27, 2011


I never knew a sound could be so annoying! My upstairs bathroom faucet went from barely dripping after being shut off, to a pretty steady stream. After doing a bit of googling, I discovered what I thought was the problem and decided I could no longer take the noise from the constant...drip...drip...drip coming out of my bathroom.

After removing the decorative handle, I inspected all of the washers that everyone told me would be the issue as well as every google link I could find. However, just like every other case of home improvement I've conquered (failed) so far, my 84 year old house decided to throw me for a loop. The washers looked brand new, there was no wear and tear visible or gross buildup. So cartridge stem in hand I head off to my second home, Home Depot. They should hook me up with as much as I plug them...

The Faucet Without the Decorative Handle
(Don't Pay Attn to my Need to Clean)

Perfectly in-tact and Beautiful Washer

Other Than Some Rust...It Looked Fine to Me!

After speaking with a very knowledgeable guy in plumbing, I discovered that my house had screwed me, like always! I was correct in my belief that the washers were perfectly fine, however, this meant I needed an entire new ceramic cartridge. Knowledgeable guy then told me that Home Depot didn't stock the cartridge I needed and told me to go to a specialized plumbing retailer that ironically was not open on Sunday. BoooOOooooooOO!

So Yesterday I stopped by my local plumbing store and spent the best $11.16 I have ever spent in my entire life. After a few turns of a wrench and phillips head screwdriver, my sink is back in business minus the drip...drip...drip! My first 100% fix by myself!

Now, if I could only figure out how to tile my bathroom, re-do my entire shower plumbing, refinish my hardwood floors...the list is never ending!!!

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  1. Another great post!! Very impressed you isolated the problem, took the steps to resolve it, and then completed the task. Alana = BA

    Now for a few is the second most annoying sound during the end of the BCS Title Game when you hear, "S-E-C...S-E-C...S-E-C!!!" LOL ;) Or would you give it to the noise Jim Carey makes in the car at the beginning of Harry and Lloyd's road trip to Aspin? :)

    Also, I believe the most popular phrases in your blog are as follows: 84 year old house; fur kids; & Home Depot.