Monday, January 31, 2011

Better Be B-Dry...

Before I even started this project, I have had their catchy tune in my head! You know the one… Water, water, everywhere, it leaks into the ground…something about your basement being wet? …then the unforgettable chorus, better be b-dry, before it hits the ground, b-dry…Okay so maybe it isn’t so unforgettable because I can’t remember the words. However, what I do remember is stuck.

Anyway, my basement is pretty water tight, or so it seems for the most part. Other than an old coal storage room that looks like it may have had some previous water damage. I started this project right after Christmas, scrubbing the walls down with bleach and making sure the mold was gone from the walls.

Check Out the Gross Mold...

Gearing Up!

After The Mold Scrub Down...But Before of the Gross Carpet!

Eventually, I'll need to strip the paint off of the walls to paint a concrete sealer. However, with that room being in the basement and having no insulation or air vent, I'll be waiting till we have a warm sunny day that I can spend indoors stripping paint for 8 hours! I know, right? My exciting life, with an ask this old house style home!

I decided I would start on a quick project that could be finished in a short enough time that I wouldn't freeze to death. Ripping up the nasty, water damaged and pet stained carpet, Gross! A box cutter and a little elbow grease and the smell is gone from this tiny storage room! Like the walls, the paint on the floor will have to be stripped...eventually! Let's not get ahead of ourselves!

After The Gross Carpet Was Removed!

I'm trying to decide on a floor covering after I get this room looking ship-shape. Ceramic tile is a no-go, considering the poured slab of my basement is pretty uneven and the tile would crack. I guess with 84 years, the house has shifted a little. I'm leaning towards doing a decorative stain on the floor and then throwing an area rug down to keep from walking on freezing concrete when I have to go in the room. That is...if I can convinve my Brother to show me his expert knowledge of concrete staining. I'm hoping for a nice Block-O design like the pic below! What do you guys think?


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