Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why I LOVE My Dogs! (Graphic)

SO...Being as this blog is supposed to focus on my joys of dog and home ownership (read trials and tribulations) I figure I shouldn't hold out such awesome material from my 1 or 2 readers...probably my Mother and Brother. Hey Guys! :)

I have to say I love mornings that start out like wake up all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, turn on some tunes and hop in the shower. Only to find when you walk in your room, your sweet angel (devil) dogs have gotten sick ON YOUR BED!!!!

Annie may look sweet and innocent but that dog is capable of some major damage, please reference overly gross picture. I guess I can't fault looks like she tried to make it over the bed and well, unfortunately, JUST MISSED!

I immediately grab my sheets off of my bed when I discover there is more puke right in the center (I'll spare you, only one picture)!!!! Jesus, Mary, Joseph...Annie you weigh 20 lbs how can you produce so much grossness! Guess who is not allowed on the bed anymore?! Yeah that's right...Brutus! I'm sure somehow this was his fault! haha

Anyone have any tips for keeping the furkids off of my bed while I'm out of the room? So this doesn't happen again?


I have to say, if there is a sunny-side to this overly nasty situation it is this: my dogs have taught me extreme amounts of patience! No longer do I get upset at traffic, long lines at amusement parks or annoying people in malls or grocery stores. In this situation, the only thing you can do is laugh...and of course take a picture, right? I know, gross...but that's how I roll!

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  1. Nice post...very entertaining and funny! I thoroughly enjoyed the part about punishing Brutus for Annie's miscues (i.e. big brother getting in trouble for hitting his lil sis back after she demolished his lego fortress). LOL! I'm also amazed at the amount of puke and how such a cute, little dog could produce so much of it. You would think she would only puke roses and Big Ten Championships. :) On a side note, I'm not sure how I could think at 6:00am, much less blog about the morning's excitements created by your fur kids....but I guess we are different in that aspect.