Friday, February 18, 2011

TD&AH Dialogue

After explaining to my Mom that my tub faucet was now dripping and I was tired of my house constantly breaking. Apparently she felt the need to address not only my broken faucet but my lack of a significant other, you know other than my dogs. :)

Me: My tub is dripping now.

Mom: Eharmony. Look for a guy that enjoys plumbing and walking in Home Depot.

Me: Thanks, Mom.

Mom: I think it's a plan. Funny enough to quote me on your blog...

So Via Google Images, here is my Mr. Right, an attractive, accomplished plumber, speaks English as a first language (according to my brother that shouldn't matter) and enjoys long walks down Home Depot aisles. A girl can dream, right?


  1. He looks perfect. He even has his own tools. Get all dolled up for when you go to Home Depot and hang around the plumping aisle. You never know!

  2. Aww, hey it's inevitable. Mom's are our moms for a reason. Even when you find the guy, it will be so when are you getting married lol. She mean well of course and she's funny!

    Sorry for the old house problems :-(

  3. Marrying man who knows his way around your bathroom and knows how to fix your faucet is always a winner in my book. I love your mom for giving you such a wonderful piece of advice. LOL!

  4. That's what my mom and dad would always fight about after they got married, as my mom would tell. My dad wasn't that good with house chores. It’s a good thing those guys at Home Depot were very nice and friendly, and always so willing to explain things to you. And with a little help from some friends, my dad mastered the anatomy of the house. :)

    Darryl Iorio

  5. He’s a very nice pick, huh? Your mom’s advice is worth following, ‘cause with all of that breaking in your house, I think you really need a guy who enjoys walking in Home Depot. By the way, I hope you consider a total renovation of your house, if possible. It’s better to renovate the house than endure a lot of repairs most of the time. :)

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